2021 Madison's Model Team


Madison’s Model Team 2021

It’s not just pretty photos, it's about creating a sense of community, confidence and lifelong friendships.

1 Mini Introduction Session with including hair, makeup, 15 digital edits, one location this session lasts 30 minutes and will be held in April of 2020. This helps Madison get to know you and introduce you as a team member with a proper photo on social media and hypes you for the year to come!
- TWO Full Luxury Collection I Senior Sessions during the season of your choice (see what that includes below) -

- Several Optional Group Mini Sessions through the Year -
- Impromptu Sessions -
- Team Community Project -
*****OPTIONAL Travel Session for a HUGE Discount*****
- 1 Holiday Party -
- 1 Introduction Party -
- Grad Mini Session, you can bring a BFF -
- 1 Meet n Greet/ Phone Interview -
- Printing Rights to all Digital Images Galleries -

$800 of this $2,500 is due upon signing the contract. Contract signatures and payment are due on February 11th, 2020. This assures that we can start planning your sessions! You can pay in full or set up a payment plan with Madison that fits your needs. You will not see another price from me through your year. This price covers everything mentioned above.

$2,500 for all of the above.

This year is valued at over $6,000. You are getting a DEAL sis!

To Apply, keep scrolling! 

It's finally here! Check out all information on the 2021 Model Team Year Below! 

Are you a 2021 GRADUATING Senior? 

Luxury Collection I
- Hair and makeup application
- One optional on location hair change and makeup touch up
- up to 6 locations in Wichita, KS
- up to 6 outfits
- style guide
- optional 2.5 hour personal shopping appointments and online styling help
- idea board
- 65 digital edited images
- print release and printing recommendations
- payment plans

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Working with Madison was (this might sound cheesy) definitely a dream come true. I’ve been following her and wanting to work with her for 3 years, ever since I was a freshman. Madison does her absolute best with every step of the process; from getting to know you and your style, to where the best/ideal places would be to shoot at AND making sure you’re happy with the outcome. Madison makes sure you’re comfortable at your session, makes sure you’re always laughing and is always up for any ideas you have. She makes you feel confident in your own skin and shows the real you through your photos. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else! 

Randi, 2020 Model

Madison is AMAZING. She is professional and makes the most out of every session she has. I have no modeling experience whatsoever and she guided me through the whole process and made me feel so comfortable while doing it (with AWESOME pictures as an outcome). She is one of the most bubbly and creative people I have met and I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for a FABULOUS senior photographer!!!

Kinsley, 2020 Model

Madison made me feel so comfortable at my session and we had tons of fun! Madison is professional, talented and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a truly amazing senior picture experience.

Kylee, 2020 Model

2020 Model Team Testimonials 

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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

kind words

I can't wait to read through your app! Please make sure you put extra thought into this application. Click the link for the application form!


2021 Madison's Model Team Application


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